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Enhanced Harmony Cream
Enhanced Harmony Cream
Our "protective and restorative skin balm" is an all purpose cream containing comfrey, chickweed, ladies mantle, yarrow and North American ginseng. Great as a barrier cream, body cream, face cream, foot cream, and hand cream. Our customers have sent us many testimonials noting their successful use of Enhanced Harmony Cream for the relief of symptoms associated with burns, diaper rash, dry skin, eczema, itching, minor scrapes, psoriasis, poison oak, poison ivy, sun burn, and even to speed up the healing of tattoos!.

...Love the Enhanced Harmony Cream...I use it as a psoriasis cream and have found it to work better than any of the many products we have tried. – Jim and Shana, Kamloops, BC

I find it really useful in the cold weather...my skin is restored to being subtle rather than flaky. – Caroline, Kamloops, BC

I have been using the Enhanced Harmony Cream for the past month. It cleared my eczema immediately and reduced the itchiness. – Denise, Coquitlam, BC

I have been using Enhanced Harmony Cream for about 3 years, mostly on my face, around eyes and neck at night. Feels so good and the results are fantastic. My skin feels so soft and I am sure this has helped keep the lines from appearing on my face. People say I look great at 62. – Suzanne, Celista, BC

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