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Body Ballad Underarm Deodorant


Our unisex deodorant is designed with select herbs and botanicals which are delightfully appealing to both men and women. We utilize natural botanicals to control bacteria and sage for its antiperspirant qualities.

Citrus Burst Air Freshener


Our environmentally friendly air freshener will freshen every room in your house with a pleasingly natural hint of citrus.

Earthsoap, Calendula Cure


Pleasantly scented and mild to use, our Calendula Cure soap is uniquely moisturizing due to its calendula flower content.

Earthsoap, Chamomile Goat


Chamomile Goat uses a combination of goat's milk and the relaxing benefits of chamomile flowers. Great for those who prefer unscented products.

Earthsoap, Cool Cucumber


Designed especially for oily skin, Cool Cumber gently cleanses using the astringent qualities of cucumber.

Earthsoap, English Mint


We use English mint in our Marvelous Mint soap bar to give you the refreshing benefits of the mint family.

Earthsoap, Lovely Lavender


With the lovely mild scent of lavender that so many of us love for its relaxing benefits.

Earthsoap, Meditation Blend


Especially for those lovers of petiole and rosewood scents.

Earthsoap, Shampoo Bar


With a light citrus scent, our Shampoo Bar was developed with the traveler in mind. No liquids on the plane, “No problem.” This product has a special oil design which offers all of the same qualities of our other soaps: rich lathering, clean rinsing, and long lasting, with the additional qualities of adding shine and body to your hair.

Earthsoap, Shave Maestro Shave Cup-Marvelous Mint


Our special shaving bar contains English mint for its cool scent and refreshing benefits then we add Aloe Vera gel to speed up healing on those little nicks that sometimes accompany shaving.

Felted Earth Soaps


Now, our excellent soaps (each are described above) are available with a one of a kind felt jacket. These colorful handmade needle felted jackets cover the soap to offer an exceptional value for the Christmas stocking and any other gifting. No two the same, these artistic felted versions may be used for exfoliating, or they can be put in your drawer, closet, living room, or wherever you would choose to enhance the scent. When the soap on the inside is gone you are left with an excellent makeup pad, dryer ball, or air-freshener with the addition of your favorite essential oil.

Riversong Agriharmonics Earthsoaps soap

We create all of our rich, sumptuous soaps using an oil saponification process in which our proprietary blend of distilled water, organically grown herbs and botanicals, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil are used to produce a rich lathering, clean rinsing soap with a good shelf life.

Two new products are our Body Ballad Underarm Deodorant and Citrus Burst Air Freshener. Try them both for their organic herbal purity and effectiveness.

Unique to our "old fashioned soaps" are the herbal infusions and beautiful Gaelic molds used in their processing. All of our soaps are lovingly individually wrapped and labeled.