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Harmony through Agriculture

Made fresh in small batches, our beneficial and healing creams, bath salts and soaps are crafted with care using only organically grown and wild-harvested botanicals.

Made in Canada


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About Sandra

Riversong Agriharmonics was started in 2003 by sole proprietor, Sandra O’Neill. Sandra has had a lifelong affair with all things “Green” and is a horticulturist who has worked in the agriculture industry for more than 30 years. She is currently studying to become a certified herbalist.

Sandra’s husband, Bob Schrader, has an extensive sales background and therefore plays a key supportive role, in the garden, in the forest, and at the local markets.​​


From Our Customers

”I am from Ontario and met you at the Burnaby Market a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I bought Enhanced Harmony cream after talking about Poison Ivy rash with you. The cream has definitely enhanced the healing process and relieved itchiness.

— Bob, Lions Head, Ontario

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Channel the natural benefits of our most popular herbs


Arnica Chamissonis


Calendula Officialis




Achillea millefolium

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."