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About Us

The Healing Power of Nature

At Riversong we're really proud of our carefully selected organically grown and wild-harvested botanicals.


Although we grow most of our botanicals, we love to find the time to enjoy the wild bounty from the nearby wilderness in Heffley Creek, BC.


In the spirit of our motto "Explore your world of herbs," we've described below some of the ecology, historical uses, and our use of the herbs in our cosmetics below. 


Our Herbs

Learn more about the history and benefits of the ingredients in our natural products. 


Arnica montana

Native to the North American mountains from the US southwest north to the Yukon and Northwest Territories with small pockets as far east as Lake Superior.

At Riversong we harvest wild arnica from the pristine wilderness mountain regions of BC. Initially we used Arnica in combination with other botanicals in our Lipharmony product.

One day we were asked at a local farmers market for a natural remedy for a woman's debilitating arthritis in her hands. Knowing that arnica has been recognized as an effective remedy for the swelling and pain of arthritis, we suggested she try our lipharmony and let us know if it helped. A week later she returned so pleased with the results she asked for more. Since then we have developed several products based on arnica; Arnica SongDancing Warrior Bath Salts and Foot Jazz. These are fourth generation formulas based on feedback received over the last several years.


Uniquely, Arnica Song is usable as a salve, massage oil, and bath oil.


Calendula officianalis

Calendula has a wide range around the world and will grow prolifically almost anywhere. Common to gardens where it produces beautiful flowers and repels aphids.

Calendula has been used since the beginning of time as an anti-inflamatory and healing herb. Known as poor man's saffron it was also commonly used as a culinary herb. Today, due to its healing attributes, it is found in many natural skin-care products.

Following careful research and study, Riversong has developed several Calendula-based products. Pure Calendula Oil for a simple solution; Calendula Waltz for older, thinning skin; Melody Cream with fine oils and comfrey for younger skin; and Calendula Cure Earthsoap.


Stelaria media

Chickweed is found in cool, damp locations. Often a lush green weed in your garden, it's funny to realize that something so prolific and annoying has been used for eons as a culinary and medical herb.

Chickweed is well known in formulations as a topical application for itching and inflammation. Soothing and moisturizing, it is very effective for minor skin inflections and irritations.

Riversong's Enhanced Harmony Cream utilizes chickweed and ladies mantle together with the healing qualities of comfrey, yarrow, and Panax ginseng in an infusion of vitamin E oil to provide a quick and effective relief of skin problems.


Symphytum officinalis

Comfrey is broadly distributed, growing well in moist soils or sandy soils with lots of water in many regions of the world, probably explaining its broad usage over the eons in many parts of the world.

Traditionally used externally to speed healing time for skin wounds and irritations and as a mild analgesic.

Recognizing the traditional healing values, Riversong uses comfrey in Enhanced Harmony Cream.


Cranesbill Geranium,

Geranium maculatum

Cranesbill geranium, originally native to Eastern North America, has become a common site in many shaded gardens across the continent.

This plant is an exceptional astringent and is used in various oral formulations and to dry tissues and clear up infections. We use it in our Calendula Waltz Face Cream.


North American Ginseng, 

Panax quinquefolius

Ginseng is rarely found in its natural habitat today but originally was a ground cover within deciduous forests in North America.

The Chinese recognized early the many health benefits and over 300 different recipes exist today. Considered a cure all, there are numerous theories and claims describing the efficacy of ginseng: as a stress reliever, an enhancer of the immune system, and a contributor in maintaining optimal oxidative status against certain chronic diseases and aging. Not a bad combination - stay healthy, vital, and young!

Riversong uses ginseng in Enhanced Harmony Cream which uses the calming effect of ginseng in providing relief from psoriasis and eczema.


Ladies Mantle, 

Alchemilla vulgaris

Ladies Mantle is native to northerly Europe and Asia but has become a common perennial in flower beds in North America.

Ladies Mantle is an excellent astringent, effective in drying weeping skin disorders, bruising and swelling.

Riversong's Enhanced Harmony Cream utilizes ladies mantle and Chickweed together with the healing qualities of comfrey, yarrow, and panax ginseng in an infusion of vitamin E oil to provide a quick and effective relief of skin problems.


French Lavender,

Lavendula dentata

Lavender's native range extends across the Canary Islands and Madeira, North and East Africa, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Arabia and India.


Cultivated almost worldwide, Lavender flourishes in dry, well drained sandy soils.

Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and a recent study cited its benefits in alleviating anxiety and sleep problems. Along with these properties Lavender is known and loved for its beautiful, sweet, mild scent.

We use organically grown French Lavender (or, to most people, just 'Lavender') in a few of our bath products for its healing benefits. It calms and relaxes, helps with sleep problems, and some say it even helps relieve pain from burns. We use it in our Lovely Lavender Soap and Pure Calendula Oil.


Sunflower Oil, 

Helianthus annuus

Native to the Americas, the Sunflower has a history dating back to the Incas and Olmecs in Central America and to native cultivation in the central United States.

Today the flower is grown widely around the world as a food crop, as a cash crop, and in gardens for it’s beauty. The seeds and seed oils are used for human consumption, animal feed and as cosmetic carrier oil. Studies carried out in third world countries have also proven the oil to be very effective in protection against skin infection in newborn infants.


This attests to both the gentleness provided and the strength of the healing values sunflower oil offers. Not only is sunflower oil an excellent healer and anti-oxidant, sunflower oil is a great moisturizer and the best natural source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an excellent catalyst for the production of vitamin D from UV exposure, enhancing a person's natural tanning.

Riversong uses sunflower oil in many of or very effective products: Enhanced Harmony CreamBeesong Propolis CreamArnica Song, and Foot Jazz.



Achillea millefolium

Being very drought resistant, yarrow has a very broad range and a broad usage as a botanical herb over the eons, from many regions of the world.

Named after Achilles; Yarrow was widely used by soldiers in ancient battlefields to treat wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Riversong wild harvests Yarrow from pristine areas of central BC or purchases certified organic product from growers.
Recognizing the broad application of this healing herb, we have established numerous formulations based on a broad range of testimonials we have received over the years. For the treatment of the discomfort associated with soft tissue injury, swelling, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle strain we recommend Arnica Song or Foot Jazz. These formulations combine Yarrow with a natural pain reliever derived from wild crafted Arnica.

For Psoriasis, Dry-Skin, Eczema, Insect Bites, exposure to Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, Scrapes and Minor Wounds use Enhanced Harmony Cream which combines the benefits of Yarrow with moisturizing herbs and botanical oils to speed up healing with sometimes astounding results!

In a Lavender Field
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