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Store Policy

Customer Care

All of our products are for topical use only. We aim to provide a very clean natural product and do not include any chemical binders or preservatives. The natural preservative we use is grapefruit seed extract which should provide a shelf life, once opened, adequate to maintain freshness for normal daily use.


If you store our product in a refrigerated environment you will extend the shelf life. If the creams look like they are hardening on the top, stir them with a clean utensil such as a clean chop stick. As our products are oil based they may cause staining if not used properly.


To ensure quick absorption, apply our creams after a shower or bath while you are clean and your pores are open. Proper absorption before dressing will eliminate staining. If stains do occur, be sure to wash the stain out as you would normally in hot water before drying.

All information pertaining to health conditions, products and treatments is based on 6 years of testimonials and feedback and is for information purposes only. We make no medical claims and and are not a substitute for the advice of a physician or other medical professional. This includes all information contained in this website as well as on product packaging or labels. We recommend a patch test to make sure that your are not allergic to any ingredients. Avoid contact with eyes.

Privacy & Safety

We will not share your personal information without written authorization from any of our customers. 

Payment Methods

  • We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

  • All prices listed in Canadian (CAD) dollars 

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