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From 2004 to Present with Heart

This is the first blog from our new website. Thanks for coming to “take a look”.

We never would have guessed that the journey would lead us here in 2004. Not really having planned to develop the successful products we have on our shelves; we have been led here. What could have been more rewarding than to have the opportunity to experience the journey. Sandy and I have been blessed with the 1000’s of personal interactions we’ve had through our participation in local markets in BC and Alberta, and the time afforded us in the gardens and wilderness growing and harvesting.

The most moving highlights for me are the successes we have had as evidenced through the many testimonials of happy customers, and the perfect cloudless days spent in the forest.

As we kick off this new web-site, we would like everyone to know how grateful we are for all of the support we have received and for you to know we plan to continue with our quest to provide the best we can where and when we can.


Bob Schrader


Wild-harvesting in 2004

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